Guinea junta to prosecute ex-president for murder

Guinea junta to prosecute ex-president for murder

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The authorities in Guinea say they will prosecute former President Alpha Condé for murder and other crimes committed during his time in office.

Mr Condé, who is 84, was toppled in a military coup last September.

A document from Guinea's public prosecutor says he is among 27 former senior officials who are facing a long list of alleged crimes.

These include murder, illegal detentions, abductions, torture, rape and kidnapping.

It seems the allegations relate to the final months of Mr Condé's time in office when the security forces were used to crush opposition to his third term.

Dozens of people were shot dead for taking to the streets.

The public prosecutor - who was appointed by Guinea's military rulers - said the case was launched following a complaint filed by FNDC - an umbrella group that spearheaded the protests.