UK law firm looking to hire GPT specialist

The UK firm is the latest in a host of law firms looking to find uses for the fast-developing chat technology.

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U.K. law firm, Mishcon de Reya has started recruiting for a GPT specialist, in the latest example of the legal industry seeking to tap into the fast-developing world of generative AI.

The firm is advertising for a ‘GPT legal prompt engineer’ who can work on ways ChatGPT, GPT-3 and other large language models could be applied to legal use cases.

The firm has been exploring various natural language processing (NLP) models for some years, according to Nick West, chief strategy officer, who added that “it’s not new technology” necessarily. However, the accessibility of the friendly chatbot is unique, he explains. As such, the release of ChatGPT signals “a new phase of widespread access to LLMs”. 

West said: “There is no point hiding from it. People are going to use it, so let’s learn how”. 

The use cases are not just limited to legal, but could also be extended to teams such as finance and marketing within firms. “If people are interested, they’ll use it. We may at some point be able to say yes, this is safe, and you should be using it,” West said.

Earlier in the week, Allen & Overy also invested into the GPT-3 based technology, demonstrating a common appetite in the legal industry to be amongst the frontrunners of those taking up the technology. The firm, in conjunction with OpenAI, developed a platform dubbed Harvey, designed specifically for the legal industry. 

Mishcon and Allen & Overy are joined by firms including CMS, Eversheds Sutherland and Simmons & Simmons in exploring potential ChatGPT uses. Earlier in the month, West explained that lawyers “really need to go into this with an open mindset and a growth mindset”.