Five most effective promotional items for lawyers

Promotional marketing giveaway campaigns can be one of the surest ways to boost your law firm’s brand

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Lawyers have some of the most unique marketing challenges in any industry. However, they still benefit from one of the most tried-and-true forms of promotional marketing out there - promotional marketing giveaway campaigns. 

To boost your law firm’s brand with promotional marketing item giveaways, here are the five most effective promotional items that you should be considering: 

Drinking Mugs

Drinking mugs are a surefire hit when it comes to promotional marketing campaigns. After all, who doesn’t love a fun, well-designed mug they can offer to guests when they’re having a drinking night? When you’re drinking, you may also remember your current legal needs more vividly, so lawyers can benefit from reminding the public of their services during less-sober moments. Each time a client uses your drinking mug, they’ll be exposing your brand to their associates, family members, and friends.

Ink Pens

Few promotional items are as utilitarian as ink pens. However, law firms can benefit from ink pens even more consistently than many other businesses. There’s a reason you see so many ink pens branded with a law firm’s logos and contact information, after all. If you want to make ink pens work for your law firm effectively, you should not only give them out to clients (new and old), but you should provide them to businesses and government offices that might host potential future clients as well. By being proactive in your promotional marketing efforts, you’ll be more assured that you’re wisely spending your time and money.Just make sure to stay tasteful when using this approach, and never break the law in terms of advertising your law business. As a lawyer, you should be able to navigate this potential pitfall with ease, however.  


When people have legal woes, they often need a secure, consistent way to keep track of information related to their lawsuits or charges. When this happens, a handy journal notebook can be incredibly useful. By branding journals with your law firm’s logo and contact information, you’ll provide a simple, free way for clients (and potential clients) to keep track of their legal needs. Additionally, as other legally-embattled people see your client’s journal at the courthouse or other legal buildings, they will become aware of your services. Especially if those that win their cases begin touting your branded journals around town, you’ll build a reputation of success around your law firm’s brand. 

Water Bottles

Everyone needs to stay hydrated. When you’re stressed out, having a good hydration level is even more appealing. Keep your clients from experiencing dehydration woes by gifting them high-quality branded water bottles. This is one of the best gifts you can give out during promotional campaigns if you’re aiming to create the “walking billboard” effect. This effect allows people to organically spread your brand within the public consciousness, via useful promo items that they are likely to use in the public sphere. The more familiar you can make your law firm’s brand, the more easily you’ll bring in new clients. 

Golf Balls

Let’s face it, many people that hire professional lawyers (and who do not rely on public defenders), tend to be fairly well off. By targeting wealthy clients, you can even manage to take on more pro-bono cases (if that’s where your passions lie). With this in mind, handing out branded golf balls during your law firm’s next promotional marketing campaign is an absolute no-brainer. Not only will this allow you to associate your law firm with a classy sport, but it will help you get your brand in front of plenty of wealthy potential patrons as well.