Western Region: CHRAJ says it recorded zero corruption cases in 2021

Under Articles 218(a) and (e) of the 1992 Constitution, CHRAJ is mandated to both investigate and work to prevent corruption.

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The Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ) in the Western Region, says it did not record a single corruption case in 2021.

The Western Regional Acting Director of the Commission, Ms. Rose Animah Appiah said even though issues of corruption are widely talked about, complainants often lacked concrete evidence that will enable CHRAJ to probe the issues further.

She therefore said perceived corruption went unreported.

The Region however recorded 381 human rights and administrative cases.

Of these, 142 were related to children’s rights – the highest recorded in 2021. More than 100 cases were related to economic, social, and cultural rights, 35 on women’s rights among others.

As part of its mandate, CHRAJ serves as an Anti-Corruption Agency, which stems from Articles 218(a), (e); 284-288 of the 1992 Constitution and Section 7 (1) (a), (e) & (f) of Act 456, the Commission of Human Rights Act.

The Commission both investigates and works to prevent corruption.

In 2018 at a stakeholders’ sensitisation forum on corruption reporting format at Cape Coast, a Deputy Commissioner of CHRAJ, Mr Richard Quayson, disclosed that about 20 per cent of Ghana’s annual budget was consumed by corruption. 

The amount represented over 300 per cent of all aid Ghana receives yearly and it translates into 25 per cent of 2016 annual budget estimate for foreign aids. 

Even though, Ghana is among the least corrupt countries in Africa according to Transparency International Corruption Index, the country is said to lose close to US$3 billion to corruption annually.