Treason Trial: First witness appears in Court

The witness, Colonel Isaac Amponsah testified on Tuesday, June 8, 2021, to the three-member panel

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One of the witnesses in the alleged treason trial involving one Dr. Frederick Mac Palm, Chief Executive of Citadel Hospital, and some nine other persons has appeared in Court. The witness, Colonel Isaac Amponsah testified on Tuesday, June 8, 2021, to a panel presided by a three-member panel; Justice Hafisata Amaleboba, Justice George Oppong, and Justice Afia Serwaa Asare-Botwe.

According to reports from the GNA, Col. Amponsah recounted information he obtained from his boss, the Director-General of Defense Intelligence, Major General M.P.Andoh on 14th June 2018. Said information indicated that a student at the Headquarters of the training school had been approached by the then Staff Sergent Esther Saan, now Warrant Officer Class Two (WOII) a.k.a. Mama “G”, who has been fingered in this alleged treason case as responsible for recruiting persons to overthrow the government.

The GNA further reports that reports from the Director-General indicated that Dr. Frederick Mac Palm, touted as the financier of the offense, together with a freight forwarder, Bright Allan Debrah had held meetings with some soldiers with the next meeting scheduled for 22nd June 2018 at the Next Door Beach Resort.

Subsequent testimonies noted that then Corporal Awarf Sule was called for briefing, after which Major Andoh requested that a recording device be made available for subsequent meetings. The video and audio recordings were submitted to the witness for assessment, the GNA reports.

An assessment of the first video revealed attendees as Corporal Abubakar Seidu Sadiq, Lance Corporal Ali Solomon, WOII Esther, Lance Corporal Sylvester Akanpewu, and other soldiers chaired by Debrah.

“Debrah was heard convincing the soldiers on the need to overthrow government due to corruption including the alleged GEEDA and SUBA scandals which he said NPP was not dealing with as it was talking about when in opposition, stating that both NDC and NPP were the same,” the GNA’s report indicated.

From the recordings, Debrah could be heard saying “If nothing was done, it would be disastrous and people would start drinking water like this,” pointing to certain water which was not visible in the audio, adding that many thought it was impossible to overthrow a government because there were so many radio stations but on that day, all the stations would be jammed, all that one would hear is “shhhhhhhhhh.”

Further evaluations showed Debrah providing assurances of security from their “big men.” Later meetings discussed allowances for the personnel, plots to eliminate President Akufo-Addo, conversations on how to acquire weapons, and a sketch of areas to be blocked on the said day for the coup, including Ammunition Depot Base (BAD), Base Ordnance Depot (BOD), 66 Artillery Regiment in Ho, the Police Headquarters, Police Training School, Air Force Base-Burma Camp, Recce Regiment, roads from Tema to Accra, Kumasi to Accra, Takoradi to Accra and Jubilee House.

“Dr. Mac Palm, Donyo, Debrah, ACP Benjamin Korsi Agordzo, WOll Saan, Colonel Samuel Kojo Gameli, Corporal Sadiq, Lance Corporal Ali, Lance Corporal Akanpewu, and Johannes Zipkui, a civilian staff at GAF are facing charges ranging from conspiracy to commit high treason, treason, and abetment but have all denied the offenses and they are to remain on their various former bail.”