President instructs Interior Minister to publicly probe Ejura killings

The President is requesting a detailed report from the probe with “recommendations for appropriate action within ten days

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President Akufo Addo has directed the Interior Minister, Hon. Ambrose Dery to conduct a public probe into the circumstances that led to the deaths of two youths in Ejura on Tuesday.

In a statement signed by the Acting Director of Communications at the Office of the President, Mr. Eugene Arhin, the President is requesting a detailed report from the probe with “recommendations for appropriate action within ten days.”

Some youths in Ejura took to the streets to demand justice for the slain social activist, Ibrahim Mohammed, alias Kaaka, who was attacked by a mob on his motorbike on Sunday.

It has been suggested by the Economic Fighters League, a pressure group Kaaka is believed to have been a member of, that the deceased was targeted because of his activism that was putting the government in a bad light.

According to his family, he faced multiple threats before the attack as a result of said campaigns.

Meanwhile, police in the Ashanti Region have arrested two persons in connection with Kaaka’s murder.

The youths of the town who were returning from his burial on Tuesday were confronted by security personnel comprising police and armed military men. The confrontation led to the death of two persons who were shot at by the military.

A police statement sighted by Dennislaw News indicated that the protesters wielded “all manner of implements including firearms, clubs, machetes, and stones.” According to the police, “the security officials fired shots to disperse the angry mob who failed to retreat but rather massed up at all corners. The death and injuries were recorded in the process.”

President Akufo Addo has however noted that he is “deeply saddened” over the deaths and has extended his “sincere condolences to the families of the deceased.”

See the full statement by the President below;