Police arrest eight, security man being pursued over gold robbery

The suspects are alleged to have robbed a small-scale mining site at Wassa Dunkwa in the Western Region, shooting dead a 50-year-old Chinese national.

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The Police in the Western Region have arrested eight suspects alleged to have engaged in a gang robbery at a small-scale mining site at Wassa Dunkwa in the Western Region.

The suspects are, Emmanuel Defia, 34-years; Noah Defia, 41-years; Ezekiel Ndah, 29-years; Antwi Kwadwo, 32-years; Kwabena Nkansah. 32-years; Anyoka Akurugu, 25 years; Akanga Azubire, 24-years, and Dgatoile Akoiss, 30-years.

Additionally, a security man identified as Jonathan, also alleged to have aided in the robbery, is being pursued by the police for shooting dead a 50-year-old Chinese national, Wei Shounkang. 

The warrant issued for Jonathan's arrest accuses him of conspiracy to rob, robbery, and murder.

The police have further made appeals to the public to assist with information towards his arrest.


According to reports from the police, the incident happened on March 11, 2022. 

Suspect Jonathan, who was hired as a security man at the mining site, allegedly assisted his gang to rob his employers at gunpoint, killing one in the process.

The police also said by the time they arrived at the scene, the gang had escaped with a quantity of gold.

One of the suspects is reported to have told the police that the stolen gold fell in the river while they tried to escape.