Man, 62, accuses BCM Group boss of assault

He hinted that he suspected the allegation was part of a scheme by his estranged wife to acquire his assets through fraudulent means.

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An Australian, Paul List, is alleged to have beaten a Ghanaian employee of a mining company, Expat BCM Group, and held the victim hostage for more than an hour in the premises of the company.

Jonathan Adongo, 62, the Administrative. Manager and Company Secretary of the BCM, who is said to have worked with the company for nearly 30 years, has reported to the police that he sustained ear, shoulder and hip injuries.

But Mr List, has denied all the charges against him.

In addition to the punches Mr Adongo reported to have received in his face and ribs, Mr List was also alleged to have seized his personal computer and attempted to confiscate his personal phones.

Mr List, the Chief Executive Officer of the Expat BCM Group, is said to have assaulted Adongo, while the eldest son of Mr List, Jeremy List and a friend, identified only as Mr Cooke, looked on.

In his report to the police, Mr Adongo narrated the roles Jeremy and Mr Cooke played that directly and indirectly aided Mr List’s assault on his person.

In one such instance, Mr Adongo claimed that Mr Cooke held his hands to his body and dragged him to a visitor’s sitting area in the company, allowing Mr List to have access to the personal computer of Mr Adongo.

Police report

The case, which was initially reported to the Cantonments District Police Command, has since been transferred to the Accra Regional Police Command after Mr List made a counter report, accusing Mr Adongo of assaulting him (List).

Mr Adongo told the police that Mr List assaulted him because he had an agenda to access vital company files that would aid his quest to take over the company, which was established with other shareholder interest.

At the Regional Police Command, the two parties were given two weeks to resolve the case and report to the regional crime officer.

However, in between the period, Mr Adongo’s appointment was terminated.


The Accra Regional Police Command confirmed that the case was under investigations.

When Mr Adongo was contacted, he said he was no longer interested in the amicable settlement of the case, stressing that he was ready to press criminal charges of assault, attempting to confiscate his personal phones and confiscation of his personal computer against Mr List.

“l am really traumatised. The last time I visited the hospital, my blood pressure had shot up and I was put on medication.

“I feel pains in my hip. I can’t raise my arm beyond a certain level. I feel pains in my ear and I find it difficult to sleep at night,” he said.


When contacted, Mr List denied assaulting Adongo but agreed there was an altercation between the two of them.

He said Adongo was in possession of a mail addressed to him personally and proprietary.

information which Adongo had no business having access to.

Mr List said he suspects Adongo of conniving with his estranged wife, Angela List. The two are separated and are going through divorce proceedings.

“I insisted he forwards all my personal mail on his phone and laptop to me which he refused to do. I decided to take over the company laptop in his possession which he resisted and got into a scuffle with me. He ended up punching me on the lip before the scuffle was separated by my son and a member of staff,” he said.

Mr List stated that he has 70 per cent majority shares in the company and is the Chief Executive and Executive Chairman of the BCM Group which has operated in Ghana for the last 30yrs.

The 76-years-old man also indicated that he was older than 62-year-old Adongo “and the report of assault on him by me is completely false and would not stand up to scrutiny since there were witnesses to what transpired.”

He hinted that he suspected the allegation was part of a scheme by his estranged wife to acquire his assets through fraudulent means.