Law Clerk Services Company launched: Great relief for lawyers, individuals, organizations

JL Clerk Services: Serving lawyers with speed and efficiency

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A legal Clerk Services Company, JL Clerk Services has been duly launched and is now operational to provide world-class clerk services to assist individual Ghanaians, corporate organizations, non-governmental organizations, and legal entities.

With their top-notch tailor-made services, JL Clerk will ease your burden of accessing legal-related clerk services. 

Also, their timely and expeditious services help clients to focus on the core mandate of their business while having a one-of-a-kind Clerk Service experience.

Their Services

Court Filings and Searches

  • Assist with Writ of Summons.
  • Assist with Filing Petitions.
  • Process originating summons in all regional courts.
  • Assist with Motions.
  • Assist with executing judgments.
  • Assist with Bailiff Services.
  • Secure proof of services after bailiff services.
  • Conduct various searches to know court status of court filling done in courts

Commissioner For Oaths

  • Assist people processes involving licensed Commissioners for Oaths
  • We work with various licensed Commissioner for Oaths

Notary Public

  • Assist with Notary Public Processes
  • Work with various licensed notaries Public

Registration of Businesses

  • Registration of businesses and companies
  • Business and company-related filings and amendments

Lands Searches and Registration

  • Conduct due diligence on land acquisition
  • Land searches with Lands Commission

Corporate Searches

  • Conduct searches at the registrar of companies
  • Includes incorporation searches, directors’ searches, shareholders searches, and other associated relevant searches

Other Statutory Filings

Assist companies and businesses file documents with regulatory agencies such as Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA), Ghana Investment Promotion Council (GIPC), Social Welfare, etc.

Why Choose JL Clerk Services?

  • JL Clerk Services has experienced clerks who have worked with bailiffs and court Registrars over the years
  • Clerks are well versed in all areas of Ghana’s court systems relative to clerk services
  • They are well-versed in all processes and procedures in the various court departments
  • JL Staff are also on top relative to processes in all other Registries like the Land Registry, Registrar General’s Department, Registrar of Companies, etc
  • They have staff who receive constant training on the job to keep them on top of their game

Locate JL Clerk Services at;

15 Netflix Street UPSA Road, Madina, Accra

You can call them on +233 540 127 515 / +233 201 751 114

Email them via

Alternatively, visit their website  to read more about their services.

JL Clerk Services: Serving lawyers with speed and efficiency