I have fully cooperated with the police throughout my arrest, detention, interrogations-Oliver Barker tells court

The applicant's counsel is expecting in court on Monday, March 14, 2022, to move the motion for bail pending trial.

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Convener for #Fix The Country Movement, Oliver Barker Vormawor, has told the Tema High Court that he has fully cooperated with the police throughout his arrest, detention, and interrogations contrary to the AG’s response in its Affidavit in opposition to his motion.

He indicates among others that he complied with February 17, 2022, and March 3, 2022 search warrants from the courts respectively.

In his affidavit in reply to the AG’s affidavit in opposition to his motion for bail pending trial, Oliver Barker per his Counsel, Dr. Justice Srem-Sai of the Praetorium Solicitors also states that contrary to the Attorney General’s response, He has handed his mobile phone and other personal effects which the police ever asked for since he was arrested.

“That I have handed to the police my mobile phone and any other personal effects of mine which they ever asked for since I was arrested; and, which are still in the custody of the police at the time of deposing to the present affidavit,” the affidavit states in part.

Per the affidavit in opposition deposed to by an Attorney of the Office of the Attorney-General, Anastacia Karimu, the AG indicates that the applicant has not been cooperating with the police and that he had denied the Police access to his phone despite an order of the District Court.

Also, the state disagrees and denies all averments contained in the applicant’s affidavit in support of the application and indicates its opposition to the motion for bail pending trial.

Further, it notes that per investigations, the applicant has since 2021 been inciting his social media followers to effect by an unlawful means the overthrow of the constitutionally elected government through a number of Social media posts.

Moreover, it states that the applicant’s conduct revealed a systematic pattern to incite his social media followers into accepting his endeavor to usurp the constitutional organs of Government.

Additionally, the AG notes that contrary to paragraph 7 of the applicant’s affidavit in support, evidence gathered so far by the police can sustain a charge of Treason felony.

However, Oliver Barker has indicated that he has never been accused, charged, prosecuted, or convicted of a crime and neither has he refused to comply with a court order or a lawful instruction of the police prior to his arrest.

Additionally, he indicates to the court that he will make himself readily available to go through the criminal proceedings ad continue to cooperate with any investigations to that effect.

“That I will make myself readily available to go through the present criminal proceedings and as I have done, continue to fully cooperate with any investigations which this criminal process may entail."

The applicant's counsel is expecting in court on Monday, March 14, 2022, to move the motion for bail pending trial.