EU Court to broadcast hearings from April 26, 2022

EU Court to broadcast hearings from April 26, 2022

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The Court of Justice of the European Union has announced that from April 26, 2022, it would begin streaming services with respect to some of its hearings and judgments. 

In a press release, the Court stated that the initiative is to facilitate the public’s access to its judicial activity. 

“These broadcasts are designed so as to allow citizens to follow hearings under the same conditions as if they were physically present. Viewers will therefore benefit from the simultaneous interpretation of the pleadings in the languages necessary for the proper conduct of the hearing,” the Court explained. 

The broadcasts are to happen live on the website of the Court and will only include cases assigned to its Grand Chamber. 

“The hearings in cases assigned to the Grand Chamber of the Court of Justice will also, in principle, be the subject of a later broadcast for a pilot period of 6 months. It will be possible to view the hearings either on the same day from 14.30pm (for hearings that took place that morning), or the following day from 9.30am (for hearings that are held in the afternoon), but it will not be possible to consult them subsequently.”