Enforce Section (92) of PPA Act- GII to Gov’t

The Executive Director, Mrs. Linda Ofori-Kwafo called for the enforcement of Section 92 of the PPA Act, especially during emergencies to deter officials who may want to take advantage.

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The Ghana Integrity Initiative, the local chapter of Transparency International, has tasked the Government of Ghana to enforce the Public Procurement Authority Act specifically Section 92 to safeguard public funds and ensure value for the Nation’s finances.

Speaking at the launch of its Corruption Risk Assessment Report on the COVID-19 interventions by the government, the Executive Director, Mrs. Linda Ofori-Kwafo mentioned that Section 92 of the PPA Act outlines penalties for the breaches and contraventions in procurement during emergencies thus urging the use of the same to deter officials who take advantage of the system during such times.

Per the report, the GII is calling for an audit of COVID-19 related expenditure by the government in order to detect leakages.

Additionally, it contains a suggestion for relevant Ministries, Departments, and other Institutions to receive periodic capacity training on the legal and regulatory of the Public Procurement Act and the Public Financial Management Act to ensure effectiveness in their delivery.

Further to the above, the GII  is also calling for strict adherence to the stipulated requirement for publishing contracts and reports by the MDA/MMDAS pursuant to Section 79 and 31, 95 of the PFM Act and PPA respectively.