Drama as Sogakope assassination suspect fails to appear in court

ogbe said when the police arrived on the scene he led them to the house where the man was hiding.

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There was drama at the Sogakope Circuit Court on Thursday September 16, 2021 when the case of the suspect in the alleged assassination attempt on a Divisional Chief of Agave was brought before it.

Instead of the police producing the suspect before the court, a  man rather stood up and told the judge that he was representing the suspect because he (suspect) fell sick whilst in police custody and was sent to the Ridge Hospital in Accra for treatment, and that the suspect could not make it to the court.

The Presiding Judge, His Honour Isaac Addo, who was not pleased with the explanation given, asked the representative of the crime suspect to mention his full name, which he gave as Togbe Agbotadua Amegayibor II.

His Honour Isaac Addo, not satisfied with Togbe Agbotadua’s representation of the suspect, directed him to bring documents from the Ridge Hospital in Accra to authenticate that the suspect was indeed sick on the day he was supposed to have appeared for the court.

The Presiding judge insisted that the court would not take any document from any hospital, apart from that of the Ridge Hospital and adjourned the case to September 23, 2021.

The court also warned that if it turned out that the suspect was not in hospital on the date he was supposed to be in court, it would hold Togbe Agbotadua II responsible.

When the case was called on the next adjourned date, which was September 23rd, 2021 the suspect did not again appear before the court.

Counsel stood up and told the court that he was representing the suspect who, according to the counsel, was still on admission.

After hearing the submission of Counsel, the presiding judge, His Honour Isaac Addo again directed that the suspect be brought before the court on October 6, 2021 with relevant documents from the hospital and adjourned the case to October 6.

It would be recalled that on Wednesday, September 15, 2021 this paper reported that tension was mounting in the Lakpo community, in the Agave traditional area in South Tongu District of the Volta Region, following a suspected assassination attempt on a local chief, Togbe Abordor VIII.

The youth of the town have already vowed to do everything possible to protect the chief and also ensure that the suspect is duly prosecuted.

Narrating the incident to The Chronicle at Lakpo, Togbe Abordor, who is also a Divisional chief of the Agave clan, said on Saturday, September 11, 2021 about 2pm, he returned home from a funeral.

His wives informed him that a man came looking for him and when they (his wives) told the suspected assassin that he (chief) was not around, he took offence and left with the promise to come back.

Togbe further told The Chronicle that whilst in his house conversing with a friend, the alleged assassin came again, went straight to one of his wives and asked whether he (chief) had come back. Although the chief and his friend were sitting under a tree and having a chat, the wife again told the man that her husband was still not in the house.

Togbe Abordor alleged that when the suspected assassin left his house for the second time, because he did not meet him, he overheard a woman in the next house telling him (suspected assassin) that the chief was the one sitting under the tree.

This compelled the suspect to turn and start walking towards him. According to Togbe Abordor, as the suspect was heading to him, he saw a pistol on him, which he quickly covered with his shirt.

The chief said after realising that his life was in danger, he called some of the youth who were around to guard his house, including the house where the suspect was hiding. He then quickly called the police to arrest the suspicious man, whom he described as a contract killer.

Togbe said when the police arrived on the scene he led them to the house where the man was hiding.

However, a resident of the house, called Emmanuel Agbenorku, stood at the door and prevented the police from arresting the suspect.

The police, however, overpowered Agbenorku and entered the room and ordered the suspect to surrender the gun in his possession.

The suspect, however, denied having a gun on him, but a thorough search led to the discovery of the gun, which had been loaded with eight rounds of bullets.

The chief said the suspect and Emmanuel Agbenorku were arrested and detained in police custody, but Agbenorku was later freed, leaving the suspect in custody.

When contacted at the time, the South Tongu District Crime Officer, Chief Superintendent Peter Kamasah confirmed the story and said the suspect was arrested at Lakpo and brought to the police at Sogakope for detention. He, however, said his alleged accomplice, Emmanuel Agbenorku has been granted bail.

The Crime officer said the police who, affected the arrest, dismantled the gun at the counter of the police station in the presence of both the complainant and the suspect and discovered that it was fully loaded with eight rounds of ammunition.