Dennislaw rolls out updated search functionality. What does it mean for their users?

This is the first in what is expected to be a series of improvements in general user experiences

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Legal tech company, Dennislaw Ghana has announced an update to its search functionality that is intended to help customers find cases on the platform easily.

The company revealed that the update is intended to enhance user experiences online. It is the first of such updates that have been announced in what is expected to be a series of improvements to general user experiences in consistence with the company’s strategic goal of entrenching its position as the leading legal tech and research company in Ghana.

Managing Director of the company, Mrs. Joana Kyeremateng who spoke to Dennislaw News indicated that the updated search functionality “will give [our] users a more modernized and functional Search experience making legal research even easier.”

Retaining its brilliant blue colours, Dennislaw, with the new update excels at how it markedly separates in-document searches from case title searches. It also adopts the functionally expedient move of allowing users to choose which court should be used for each search, although users may opt for a cross-platform search. This means users can choose to run searches on keywords of cases within specific cases from definite courts or from all courts. 

Alternatively, users may run searches on the title of a case from a plethora of Ghanaian and Gold Coast courts.

Software Development Coordinator at Dennislaw Ghana, Mr. Mark Amoah disclosed that this update had become necessary to get the software at par with international standards by focusing on improved user experience. 

“We noticed that our users were running some searches on the system, but they weren’t getting the results they wanted. Our analytics department picked the sense that the user experience especially when it comes to search has changed. This update makes it easier and seamless because apart from offering a highly improved in-document search functionality, we have boosted the indexing protocols to ensure that every search query runs multiple reviews across thousands of cases in record time. This means that our users are more likely to find what they are looking for even if they are not exactly sure where to find it.”

He also added, that “we have featured a new chat box on the search page to help our users interact with us in real time when they face peculiar challenges while using the feature. We believe that this will increase the satisfaction our users find when conducting their researches on the system.”

The legal tech company that has distinguished itself in the Ghanaian legal technology within the last three years through research and advocacy operates one of the most credible and efficient online database of Ghanaian judgements from the superior courts of Ghana  and decided cases from adjudicatory bodies. A statement on the company’s website promises “exclusive access to laws [and cases] of Ghana.”

It is expected that Dennislaw will announce an additional product with direct utility for legal research in coming weeks.