Book on “Introduction to Intellectual Property”: Ghana's youth ought to monetize their creativity – IP Attorney

Book on “Introduction to Intellectual Property”: Ghana's youth ought to monetize their creativity – IP Attorney

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An Intellectual Property Attorney, Madam Sarah N. Anku is making a clarion call to the 21st Century youths to make a conscious effort to monetize their creativity.

She recounts sadly how most of the youths who have the potential and ideas to become the Zuckerbergs of Africa have made their potential and creativity drop down the drain or taken from them due to their lack of knowledge in Intellectual property by failing to secure their works.

During the launch of her book titled: “Monetizing your creativity and Innovation: An Introduction to Intellectual Property” to commemorate this year’s World Intellectual Property Day on the theme; IP and the Youth, the Attorney expressed her resolve to ignite the knowledge and consciousness in Intellectual Property, especially among the youth by enlightening them with her book.

In an Interview with Dennislaw News, Madam Anku acknowledged the general gap in the area of Intellectual property.

“You know that there is a gap in that area, in the area of IP. Even as Lawyers, we don’t have many precedents in that area and the laws that we have governing IP are not enough. There are certain gaps generally even in the laws themselves.”

“For instance, our neighbors; our fellow West African Countries even have done better than us. If you take Nigeria for example, they've made detailed provisions on their Trademark Law. Ours is very scanty. This book is focused on the youth and our major concern is to improve the creativity of the youth. They have so many ideas that they don’t know how to manage them or translate them into economic ventures.”


The book has been written in basic language and in the form of a dialogue and uses the African context; thus the Ghanaian ‘god’ of knowledge, the mythical  Kwaku Ananse style with all the illustrations to make it more interesting and detailed for the youth.

Interestingly, this book can be used by all who want some basic knowledge or ideas.

The final chapter of the book talks about Artificial Intelligence(AI), and Blockchains in order to help the youth get some basic knowledge of everything in IP.


Madam Sarah Anku, a senior partner at Anku-At-Law tells us that her outfit is embarking on the ‘Own a book’ project because the books are properly summarized and have everything the youth ought to know in IP.

She adds that if they are able to widely circulate the books, especially among the youth, it will go a long way to help disabuse their minds of IP thus demystifying the subject.

Further to the above, there is also the ‘million book’ project under this which is targeting a million young ones.

“If we are able to reach our target of a million students, can you imagine what Ghana is going to be like in the next 5 to 10 years?

“Ours is to push this book as far as possible to many people who can read it so everybody can have a basic knowledge of IP."