Air Condition Specialist sentenced 45 years to jail over robbery

Edem Morkli will serve 15 years for robbery, 15 years for conspiracy to commit crime and 15 years for causing harm, all to run concurrently.

Is allowance instantly strangers applauded

An Accra Circuit Court has sentenced a 25-year-old air condition specialist to 45 years imprisonment for conspiracy to commit crime, robbery, and causing harm.

Edem Morkli will serve 15 years for robbery, 15 years for conspiracy to commit crime, and 15 years for causing harm, all to run concurrently.

At the end of the trial, the court presided over by Mrs Susana Eduful, Morkli was found guilty.

Before his sentence, the prosecution prayed to the court to give the convict, a harsher punishment to serve as an example for those who want to embark on such robbery act.

The case as narrated by Chief Inspector Samuel Ahiabor was that the complainant was Azih Nnaemeka, a scrap dealer and a resident of Dansoman whilst Morkli was an air condition specialist and resided at Dzorwulu.

His accomplices, Atsu and Seth are at large.

Chief Inspector Ahiabor said the complainant who had his scrap business around Dzorwulu, distributed his contact to some of the mechanics around North Dzorwulu so he could be called whenever they had scrap for sale.

On February 23, 2021, at about 0600 hours, the complainant had a call from an unknown number whom he had done business with twice and the caller asked him to meet him at a certain washing bay for scrap.

The complainant was not familiar with the area, so the caller asked him to meet him at Lucas College.

Chief Inspector Ahiabor said at about 0700 hours on the same day, the complainant finally arrived at the agreed venue on his Royal Motorbike and met the accused persons.

The prosecution said Morkli pulled a knife and ordered the complainant to get off the motorbike.
It said he then collected a cutlass from Atsu and used the blunt side of it to hit the complainant’s back.

The prosecution said when the complainant felt threatened and attempted to flee, Morkli took his bag containing GHS2,000.00.

After snatching the bag, Morkli handed it over to Atsu and Seth.

The prosecution said the complainant decided to fight for his motorbike, so he started struggling with the accused persons and Morkli inflicted a deep wound on the left arm of the complainant, which made the complainant shout for help.

It said when Atsu and Seth sensed danger, they absconded with the bag containing the GHS2,000.00.

The prosecution said Morkli rather started pronouncing the complainant as a thief who had stolen a converter from a car parked at a fitting shop and claimed that he would report the complainant to the police station.

One of the good Samaritans called the police patrol team to come to the scene and when Morkli heard it, he suddenly jumped onto a motorbike to flee from the scene.

The prosecution said Morkli was chased, arrested, and handed over to the police.

It said efforts were underway to get Atsu and Seth to face justice.