37 Military Hospital sued over alleged medical negligence

Medical negligence has become common in medical facilities in Ghana.

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The management of the 37 Military Hospital has been sued by the family of the deceased Solomon Asare-Kumah over alleged medical negligence.

Solomon died after being admitted to the 37 Military Hospital at age 48.

According to the writ of summons, the family listed wrongful insertion of oxygen tube and malfunctioning of a surgery drill among the causes of Solomon’s death.

Also, the family notes that Solomon’s father passed on due to mental distress caused by Solomon’s death.

Damages in excess of GHS 2 million is being asked by the family from the Hospital.

The supposed surgery carried on Solomon before his demise was suggested by a Colonel at the Hospital and was however postponed severally by the hospital with different excuses by the neurosurgeon.

“At a point, he took my brother to the theatre, he was administered anesthesia and everything. After four or five hours, the surgeon brought him back to the ward that he couldn’t perform the surgery… Another time, the surgery couldn’t happen, he postponed it again with the excuse that the drill machine that he was going to use wasn’t functioning. So, he was going to purchase another one from South Africa,” said the deceased’s brother, Emmanuel in an interview on Joy FM in February 2020.

The hospital however issued a statement in response to the family’s allegation in 2020. The hospital noted that it had instituted a probe into the matter and would accordingly take the needed action.

Medical negligence has become common in medical facilities in Ghana.

The late Solomon Asare Kumah came to Ghana from the UK in 2019 to visit his sick father but fell sick.

After some examination, doctors said he had a non-cancerous brain tumor that needed to be removed urgently.

He was referred from a hospital to the 37 Military Hospital from a hospital at Sakumono.