‘A basket of many things’ – Lawyer Daniel Korang on book, Preparing for Law School; A Practical Guide

‘A basket of many things’ – Lawyer Daniel Korang on book, Preparing for Law School; A Practical Guide

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It is no knowledge that Law School in Ghana is a contentious issue. Most importantly, getting into the Ghana School of Law – the school that provides professional law training and certification. 

Over the years also, mass failure at the entrance school examinations has been a topic of worry. Most recently relates to the 2021 Entrance Exams aftermath. About 499 students who were considered to have failed by the Independent Examination Committee of the School, challenged the matter in court and were victorious afterward.

To preclude what has seemingly become a yearly problem, private legal practitioner, Daniel Korang has published a book, and in the author’s description, it “is intended to serve as a master guide for those who seek to pass the entrance exam."

Titled ‘Preparing for Law School; A Practical Guide’, the book’s chapters are focused on the six examinable areas - Criminal Law, Law of Contracts, Law of Torts, Law of Immovable Property Constitutional Law of Ghana, and Ghana Legal System and Methods. 

“This book is a needs-based book. It responds to a particular objective or needs in the legal education, which is that, when LLB students want to cross over, to the Ghana School of Law, they are made to write entrance exams. And the entrance exam is not at large. So for the entrance exam, it will serve you well to look extensively at these six areas, even though I do not recommend that one will limit himself to only the six areas. Because when you look at the objective side, they can bring anything that relates to law, that relates to national affairs, and all that. So you may want to widen your scope. These six areas are the areas that we consider in preparing for law school,” the author explains during discussions with DennisLaw News. 

The book's creation is based on the combined syllabus of LLB courses from various law faculties. 

“There is a whole chapter which does not concern any of the areas of law listed. The chapter which is chapter 1 deals with, information on the legal profession, information on the Ghana School of Law, information on the nature of the exam, do’s and don’ts of the exam, how to write the exam paper, question types, and techniques for answering, all these are discussed in the first chapter. So the book is a basket of so many stuff that will help the students prepare adequately before the exams.”

 “I deliberately give a step-by-step guide including how to eat when you’re preparing for the exam, how to sleep, when to sleep, how long to study, personal safety matters. My book takes the individual and everything into perspective – your mental health, your physical health, how to carry yourself through the journey of the exam, from about six months to the time.”

Overall, it does seem the book is an immense contribution to the attempt to find a solution to the problem of legal education in Ghana.